- Archybak


Ricardo Alberto and Frank Bak, the former elements of Archybak - name that joins the "arch" from the violin to the "bak" from the percussion - got together in 2003 to make music. Today, with an extense list of shows, Archybak present an eclethic performance, a fusion of styles from rock to house or folk, characterized by the energy on stage. Beyond the original songs, they interpretate versions from other well known music, where the strings and the percussion form an electrifying sound. In October 2009 they released the track "Feels Like Heaven" in clolaboration with the german group Divided Souls, the american Kwame Remy and the spanish Ruben Alvarez through the german label White Lotus Club Records, starting an international tour, playing in countries such as Germany, Egypt, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain. At the beginning of 2010, "Dancefloor Angel" (Kaos Records) was released, with DJ Pedro Diaz on production and Phil G on vocals. Its official video stood more than 10 weeks on the MTV Portugal Hitlist and the band was pre-nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards on the "Best Portuguese Act" category. 2011 brings another collaboration with Pedro Diaz and Phil G, this time on the track "Sinfonia 2012" featuring on MTV Portugal Top 10 for 8 weeks and radio stations worldwide. At the end of the same year the track "Reach The Stars" got released.