- Archie


Archie: T he Rogue of Dance.Where there is mayhem and madness, Archie is conspicuous as the very devilish DJ of dance. Having ranked at #5 for the state’s ITM50 DJ awards,Archie’s talents have also been recognised by his ever adoring fans for the ITM50 nationally in his home country of Australia, with his popularity balanced alongside his secure productionskills .His anarchic beats, animated yet emotive melodies, tight mixes and acute scratching skills have earned Archie a reputation as the DJ who can smash dance floors and warp frequencies. With his unique scratching skills established from hip-hop roots, an acquired love for dance music has allowed him to traverse the many dimensions of dance, including breaks, trance, house, funk, and electro.Since signing to Central Station Records in 2005, not only mixed one of Australia’s highest selling mix CD compilations has also released countless remixes and singles across Universal Music, Sony, Warners, EMI, Kontor with his many alias.With such success under his belt,Archie is keen to explore the greater depths of music theory in order to fine hone his already substantial production skills. Without a doubt, Archie’s unique skills mark him as a highly ranking Australian DJ determined to take his beats across the world.