- Aquasion


Discovering and experimenting with music from a young age Aquasion became an avid listener of ambient jazz fueled breakbeats, house music, hip hop and down tempo lounge music. Eventually discovering drum and bass by accident, learning how to DJ and produce. Now, Aquasion is producing music exclusively for LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records (UK), Fizzy Beats (UK), Fokuz (Germany), Nookie's (Phuzion) including his own imprint Textures Music Group (USA). Current ly in t alks wit h even more labels demanding his music Aquasion has his sites set on touring. Looking forward, Aquasion has his sights set on touring, producing, remixing and expanding the Textures Music Group label. His music being supported by LTJ Bukem, Nookie, Random Movement, Dave Owen, Jaybee, Tidal, Fanu, Scott Allen, mSdoS and Blade there is a high demand for his music around the world. The label Textures Music Group has received support from BBC Radio 1, Fabio (1xtra) and many others across the globe. Expect deep, jazzy, liquid vibes full of soul, funk and atmosphere from Aquasion’s music. Keep an eye out for this budding producer at all costs!