- Anton Tumas


Anton Tumas is used to doing things his own way. After being inspired by Burning Man and California’s vast and creative desert settings, he started out by buying used DJ equipment on eBay, a book on how to DJ, and a shopping cart full of music on Beatport. Applying his legendary laser focus during months of practice, followed by a few humbling gigs and a lot more focused practice, he finally had the skills and confidence to go public. Rather than work his way into an already crowded field, he convinced a small bar in Hollywood to let him set up a sound system. He brought along a few friends, who dragged more friends until the party was self-sustaining. This led to invitations to spin at house parties and full moon desert gatherings like Moontribe. As he dived deeper into the music, he developed a taste for the elegant, eclectic and subtle melodies found in house and techno. Inspired by DJs like Lee Burridge and John Digweed, he learned how to throw a great party and build his reputation. To expand his reach and showcase the music he was playing, he started his own label Subtract Music. Convinced by Anton’s drive and focus, producers like Guy J, Robert Babicz and Martin Buttrich have released their tracks on Subtract. The reason for this success is, simply, his music. Anton refuses to play ubiquitous tracks, insisting instead on music that demands more careful listening, music whose truth is in the details. If that runs counter to mainstream trends, he couldn’t care less. As well as hosting his own well-curated events showcasing local and international talent, Anton's penchant for great sound and system tuning, has him frequently collaborating with stalwarts of the local scene, in what many are calling the vibiest parties around. In a world where DJs are rock stars chasing fame and glory, Anton Tumas is happily exploring the underground, taking whoever is in earshot on a journey into uncharted territory, without compromise!