- Antiques


Antiques is a sound project developed by Axel Barros and Juan Pablo Daquila. Born in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, they started building a strong relationship based on similar music styles and the personal connection between them. Their commitment to improve their music production skills and techniques lead to a rapid rise in their professional career at the national and international level. Consequently, they released their first track, “Elixir” on Tentacles Recordings, home to distinguished artists such as Absence of Light, Against the Time, Dizharmonia, THC, Joshua Calleja, among others. Antiques presented their unique performance along with eminent electronic artists like Denis Horvat [Afterlife], Agents of Time [Ellum], Keith Carnal [Afterlife], Ryan James Ford [Afterlife] Pisetzky [Just This, Italia], Alex Niggeman [AEON], Blancah [Steyoyoke], Rafael Cerato [Suara] Egbvert live [Drumcode], Mark Reeve [Drumcode], Jimmy Van M [Bedrock], Ernesto Ferreyra [Cadenza Records], Javier Ferreira [Ninefont], Brigado crew [Diynamic] among others.