- Anthony Cisco


Born on May 11 in Aix-les-Bains, France, Christophe, known as Anthony Cisco, takes his pseudonym by mixing one day randomly a few letters of his surname and first name. From his early childhood, he was rocked by the tubes of the 80s that he hears daily on the radio. Few years later, and more precisely at age of 13, he set foot for the first time in a discotheque. The disc jockey of the place was one of the best of the moment: just by mixing the records, this one was able to tell a story without using a single word. The music then became a journey, a journey one would never want to return to.This is how Anthony is passionate about music and the world of the night. The sound of the Clubs inspires him deeply and he learns alone to mix. With the advances in computer science, he discovered computer-assisted music a few years later. He composed his first musical creations and was broadcast episodically on Saturday night from 1993 to 1997 on a radio in Lyon. The circumstances of life forced him to stop his passion, but still continued to follow with an eye the nightlife and its evolutions.20 years later, in 2017, the passion of Anthony brings it again to compose for the pleasure of all. His inspiration is based on the first experiences of his nightlife: Dance, Trance and Electro."Music plunges me into a state of mind, at once so distressing and delicious, that I can not do without it, a bit like a drug. ". "Musician’s work reveals the very essence of his soul to the audience, without any possible deception. "."Without music, life is nothing! ".Dive into the colorful universe of Anthony Cisco through his different titles.