- Annuit & Coeptis


Annuit & Cœptis are a young and innovative duo. The two young italians producer are involved themselves in an innovative, experimental and even a little deep Project. Lenny Soprano and Jxtc, the two names that make up the duo, is a pure innovation in the field of club music, in fact propose soulfoul, deep and electronic tracks so much different from all the releases in 4 / 4. Their idea is to work on sounds and darker overtones, mix them with a dark frequencies and voices almost "godlike" to pick up a melodic sound, harmonious and electronics at the same time. The first remix for Talk Musique, and various releases on the launching pad, ready to help people understand how, they make music, ranging from tech to deep slower to wake up. Both believers in the new electronic made by external analog machines, brings them back a bit 'in the past, in fact, trying to connect even the sounds of the old "Moog" and consist of grooves 808, 909 and others of the very famous vintage instruments. When you want to understand what they are trying to do, you can only say that; the idea and concept of the record made just of kick and bass, for them is a commonplace and no longer a need for clubs, so if you insert one of their discs to play, you can feel out pure innovation and experimental music.