- Annika Wolfe


Annika Wolfe is a Southern-California based, multi-genre producer with a concentration in Techno/House. She also goes by her alter-alias Lewinski which shows her versatility in multiple genres including: Hip-Hop, Chillwave and trap music. Annika has an eclectic taste, which when combined gives her a unique and fresh sound. Annika is deep and bass heavy with elements of Techno. It’s hard to pigeon hole her into one narrow sub-genre. She is an artist who is not afraid to experiment with an assortment of elements in which she has gathered from her likes of Punk Rock, New Wave and Hip-Hop. Wolfe is no stranger to the Los Angeles Techno Scene, she has performed at an array of shows ranging from desert gatherings, underground parties and top night clubs. Make sure to keep an eye out for Annika as she is just getting started.