- Ankjay


ENSince Ankjay was a little boy, he always had aptitude for music.At home his parents had the greatest disco-sound's classics and he tried to come up with something with cassettes and vinyl.When age he had already began to go out to some clubs / bars nearby and saw that it was a fascinated world.With 15 years'old joined the HouseBox as a DJ and that earned him much of his experience that has been noted from party to party, all due to his efforts and his taste for music.Started playing at private friendship parties (NY, birthday parties, etc.) and later played in his first bar in mid-2007: Adega da Lua, Cuba, Alentejo. T hat year was a great starting point for him because he started to play in some bars in Beja and also took an 2nd place at a DJ Contest organized by LOL LLORET in Lloret De Mar, Spain.In 2009 he was appointed to vote for "Best Breakthrough DJ" by Comercial In The Mix, hosted by Radio Comercial (PT).One of the things that mark him is his humility and the capability of interaction with the audience, able to create an great environment.Currently is involved much of his time in music production with some of their tracks already been released, and also dedicated to the project which he joined in 2005 (HouseBox).You can listen his work at the following websites: @s oundcloud.com/ankjay