- Angry Muffin


After years of struggle, heartbreak and discrimination ANGRY MUFFIN rises out of the oven with his first full length release. The self titled masterpiece album is now here!MUFFIN's ingenius sound is an amalgamation of electro pop, 90s industrial, classic rock, 80s pop, and disco....all sexily wrapped in an accessible EDM package. Anyone who has ever thrived on electronic music - or any of the above genres - will discover truth and inspiration in ANGRY MUFFIN's long awaited work.MUFFIN's lyrics speak out strongly against hypocrisy, social injustice, deception and the kind of absolute evil that still has much of humanity in shackles. The eerily off-center moods that dominate this album's atmosphere are the perfect vehicle for ANGRY MUFFIN to communicate his violent emotions. Is it wrong for an artist to channel anger his against that which threatens the very fabric our moral and spiritual existence?While others claim to be peaceful and balanced in what some would call a 'zen' state, ANGRY MUFFIN believes they are simply paralyzed with fear, and avoiding legitimate battles with the negative forces of earth. Harbouring a fervent dislike for pseudo-spiritual, apathetic weaklings and their total lack of spirit, ANGRY MUFFIN has the bravery to be authentic in his anger. Perhaps we should as well.Hear the inner turbulence of ANGRY MUFFIN now!