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 - Angie Taylor


Angie Taylor brings her unique style, intense techno and boundless energy to clubs and festivals around the world! Her LIVE and DJ setup come equipped with an electric bass guitar and vocals which are a must hear. Angie has a Master’s Degree from the Pop Academy in Mannheim and has won a wide range of awards for her music and art projects. The renowned US magazine - Bass Musician - named her in 2014 in the top 25 best female bass players in the world. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Jeff Mills invited Angie a year later to join him as a bass player on one of his projects at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Fusion Festival in Germany followed and it brought along a number of gigs in the UK, the Netherlands and in Germany. Her absolute highlight of 2017 turned out to be playing after Richie Hawtin at ://about blank in Berlin as he has always been a big inspiration for Angie. In 2017 Angie started her own imprint – PANICROOM, where she released her first tracks DAWN and FLOATING, mixed by none other than Johannes Kraemer. His sound engineering background and her passion translated into an intense and perfectly balanced sound, which has become the signature mark of her LIVE and DJ shows. 2018 started for Angie Taylor with the release of her „FIRE“ EP in addition to launching her own radio show, called „Panicroom ON AIR“ live on (Every 3rd Thursday/Month). Her idea is to bring people into another room – the panic room, where you are safe and relaxed and let the outside world vanish...