- Angelus Van Hohenheim


Mark Edward Hilder, also known as Angelus Van Hohenheim was born on the 20th of July 1988 at the Ferntree Gully Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. From a young age Mark's passion for music was evident, he began taking piano & singing lessons, performing at school and exploring different sounds of music. In his teens he began to realize that he had a deep and profound love of dance music, which then lead to attending DJ school, buying equipment, buying as much music as possible and ultimately DJ'ing mobile and at clubs. As his sound developed he began to understand what elements were effective in influencing human emotion. In his early 20's Mark began to study music at Victoria university. Mark then decided that he would pursue his dream of becoming a dance producer, bought equipment and began producing tracks. His early work saw him completing remixes for Digital Insomnia Records, he then put together an EP which received offers to be signed by multiple labels, all in which saw potential in Mark's niche sound. This EP would soon be known as "I Wonder Why" signed by DavidDance Records. He then followed shortly after with his 2nd EP "Dream World". Mark has been rostered on by Pull Up to tour internationally, hitting clubs and event s as Angelus Van Hohenheim! He aims to expand his productions, as well as his studio, his sound driven by dream and fantasy, taking you to another world.