- Andy Malex 2.0


Andy Malex 2.0 is a difficult artist to categorise. Thanks to his considerable talents he has managed to make tunes across a broad range of genres since 1999 blending hardware with software.At the age of 16 Andy shared the stage with Current Value and has received support from Mutated Forms, Future Prophecies and many more. Andy was signed to "Mindsaw Recordings" as an exclusive artist [2007-2009]. Produced beats, made sound design and mastered works for Protean ProductionsWell... There are too many things to mention about Andy Malex.In 2011 signed to Dubzilla Records as one of their top producers.In 2012 signed to "LU10" and "Section 8" record labels.Currently hard working with "Stereo-C" production and mastering studio, where they also invent analog/valve devices and High End sound systems.