- Andy Field


Andy Field, or Andreas Jamsheree which is his given name started with music in early years, parts of the family, mainly his father has a musical background as he was a singer, preforming music from his origins, as an arabic singer. Due to this he always had a good push from home and so he started out with music at the age of thirteen when his uncle gave him his first instrument, a guitar. Andreas was also a talented vocalist, singing and writing his own lyrics and as he was a quick learner playing the guitar he got a first gig and had his first performance with his own written lyrics and music just six month later.A few years passed and during that time he appeared in several band and from there he also to the natural step to explore production of electronic music. The interest for EDM music grow rapidly and at the age of eighteen he gave up instruments and his rock projects. When Andreas entered the world of EDM production he got him self loaded with software, hi went from Fruity Loops to Pro Tools and on to Logic, in the end he got to Ableton Live which ended up as his personal choice to stay within.By this time Andreas has become Andy Field, his alter ego, his musical alias. Learning the ways of his own limitations and how to overcome these he developed his music to a higher level in the house genre.Andy Field is a diverse, adaptive and exploring producer with an amazing range, Andy have had several releases on Another Label, Fat Line Music and New Talent, and gained support from 1Mix Radio and several respectable names dropped “Andy Field – Project 65′′.quote“For me it doesn’t matter about the title or about making some kind of genre, for me it’s important that when I do sit down at the studio, I need to make just that tune Im working with brilliant. If it’s good it’s good, no matter what genre it is.Im working in Mac environment only, started out with PC but when I changed to Mac I just fell in love with the simplicity of is all. I’ve been testing all of different programs from ten years back to now but the one that in the end caught my attention was ‘Ableton Live’. It’s clean, simple but still don’t limit you at all. At first in 2004 my friend showed me the program and I said to him that I would never use this ‘advanced program’. Well, look at me now. As hardware I use a midi synth only for testing sound or making up melodies but my main control surface is actually my mouse and keyboard. But I’m starting to learn to record more from the synth now so one day maybe one day I’ll leave programing my tracks. I’m working a lot with the synth “Sylenth1′′ cause you can change the sound endlessly and I love the soundprocessor in it. But I have synths like Nexus, Nexus2, Massive, FM8, Gladiat or & Elekt raX as well. Their all good if you know wich or what sound you want to generate.My ideas in my tunes are so different. But the main idea is to make people feel that they have something in common with the music they are listening to and I think that several producers aim to achieve just that. I can’t really say who’s my ideal collaboration partner would be cause there are so many great producers out there today, but if I had to choose one it could end up being Albin Myers cause he’s music has had major influence in my work, no matter what he does I love it.”This is an upcoming artist with much to give so keep your eyes open for lots of great tunes and remixes from FSOS RecordsTM and several other labels in the future!