- Andy Baar


Andy Baar's first contact with electronic Dancemusic was in 1993 at Düsseldorf Unionrave.From there on he'd knew ”This is my thing”. Being Guest at several Partys with electronic Music he felt the need to swap his place on the dancefloor with a place behind the turntables.In 1996 having the first gigs in Clubs arround Cologne.1997 was the beginning of what he really liked: He started as resident DJ at Evosonic Radio.From the first day to it's last, Evosonic Radio was his second homebase. Starting with the Show ”Evopool-Update”, he loved to work on air and everything that had to do with that, like recording jingles, creating concepts and sets for the show. Quick after that he had his first own weekly show called “Sleep Disorder”. Hours and hours on air, getting a much brighter horizon of what electronic music could do, he went more and more familiar with lots of genres electronic music has to offer.Several gigs around Germany and being a part of the Loveprades DJset 1998 and 1999 were some of his highlights.2012 the old love of making Radio shows knocked on his door with the possibility of having an online broadcast at the 15th anniversary of Evosonic Radio. Since the he used this way for broadcasting his “Wunderbaar Radioshow” (since 2016 his show “Sleep Disorder” as podcast) for letting old and new fans have the typical sound again. 2017 startet Evosonic Radio again....with Andy Baar. 2017 is also the year of another highlight in his career. On Evosonic Records his first production is released: "Sleep Disorder EP".