- Andrew Kings


Andrew Kings Born in Bogota Raised in Monteria, Colombia From a Year Starting @ Your Career Musical From The 15 Years Then from age 17 he began playing in Different Disks With The City Privilege Check Touching such as Kike Serrano, Julio Montes, Dj Anny, Connie, Larry Hall, Tusso, Alexa, J8man, Santiago Moreno, Mara, Steve Aguirre, Fist, Kike Sarmiento, Lukas Guerrero, David Del Olmo, Charlie Electronic Music, Among Others, From The 2011 Make It In For Producing Genera as The Tech House, House, Tribal House, Groove House.Desde Then Launches FirstT rack Sweet Melody (Original Mix) Wit h Dance2LoveRecordings After framing itself to Produce Big Talent With The Medellin as Johan Virhia And Now is in It for Good Following Stores Records as will Fresch Beach (Original Mix), Crazy Groove (Orginal Mix) Vamos Music, Friend To The Sound Label Where It belongs as David Del Olmo The Power Out code Andres, JJ Romero, Javier Reyna Del Horno Among Others.