- Andrea Toma


Andrea Toma was born in September 1988 in a small town in Puglia, Italy. He had been passioned for Minimal Deep German House since he was 10. He decided to attend a school for dj (MixDrive) in Torino to learn to operate equipment and softwares. He performed as dj for different clubs and radio channels. In the last 2 years he released his first mix (House Generation) and House Therapy working with the beautiful voice of Eleonora de Pascali Manbassa Radio & Savi Vincenti Riobo. Andrea has been offered for a contract with Compost Records in Germany, but he refused due to the lack of visibility he would have had with the German label. With House Park Records he already released ìCoconutsî, "Sunset Beach" and "Karumba". "Dreaming of Brazil" soon available.