- Alvaro Takt


Alvaro Takt is a Spanish dj from Madrid currently living in Copenhagen (Denmark). His relation with music started really early. At 5 years old he started to study violin and from then on his interest on music increased day by day. Influence of his classical studies in Alvaro’s music is huge, giving big importance to melodic lines on his tracks and dj set's.The interest in electronic music comes later, when in 2006 he bought his first mixer and decks. After that moment Alvaro found in electronic music the better way to show his artistic idea and his style has been developing to find his personal sound. Sometimes he has support his electronic sets playing violin on live. The idea to make a link between classical and electronic music, putting together electronic groove and strong melodies to create a special atmosphere showing is always on his mind. Since 2011, he is part of Casetta, a group of four djs from Madrid sharing the same idea of club music.He have played in many clubs in Madrid like Pirandello, Penelope, Gran Caimán and many more, and Culture Box in Copenhagen. On these nights he was sharing booth with artist as Arado, Nima Gorji, Voodoo Corporation, Gabriel D ́or & Bordoy, etc.