- Allan Silveross


Allan Silveross is a Producer DJ/Remixer born in France on 12 August 1988.It was as Producer DJ that he rapidly gained widespread renown and was consequently noticed by Bob Sinclar.He carried out signings with labels in Germany, England, Australia, Brazil, Spain, United States, France, Italy, etc., and became the official remixer for titles of Alex Guerrero, Lorenzo Digrasso, Daddy DJ, Sergio Matina & Gabry Sangineto, Vincent Bastille, Sound Set, Taao Kross, Western Playing and DJ Kappa, etc.He also launched his radio show, The Silveross Show, broadcast by numerous radio stations across the world. Notably acclaimed in Spain after the release of several titles and remixes, it was in the international ratings that the Allan Silveross musical productions then made its name, more particularly in the United States where his name is increasingly cited.