- All Out


All Out is the project based at the beginning of 2011 which took under a basis two directions of electronic music - Breaks and Drum and Bass.The idea of the project consists in a combination of the cold, melodious atmosphere, and a heavy, aggressive rhythm. Such works as Ravers Domination Of Breaks and Approach Extraction, created a steady platform for All Out, and remixes on Frank Mockery - consolidated success! In a consequence the project became the main propagandizing element on a young label of Scald Record Studio in 2012, and its releases of Limitless, Fringe and a new track of First Time - become the solid business card for both! The same year works from All Out become the purpose for remixes from Experimental Chemistry, Potential Differense, The Aluminium Tough and many others. At present All Out does freely extended remixes for all comers and starts an independent label of All Out Music!