- Alker Lopes


Alker Lopes is the artistic name of DJ and producer Rondoniense Alexandro de Lima, born in the city of Guajará Mirim, (Rondônia, Brazil), on March 14, 1978. He started his career in 2006, playing genres such as House, Future House, Nu Disco and Deep House.The music accompanies Alker Lopes from an early age, when in 1992 he moved to Capital Porto Velho, he started to be part of school bands where he studied music more deeply, his career as a DJ and musician began in parallel along with his passion for music production ElectronicsAlexandro, or, Alker Lopes has the dream of seeing his tracks marking a happy moment of everyone who at some point hears or dances his tracks around the world, "This is the power of music, it comes and marks a moment in our life" Alker Lopes.Inspired by names like: The English Duo Disclousure, Deep Dish, Kaskade .... Following in their tracks a strong beat, full of groove, remarkable voices and a powerful bass playing the melodic part of their track.