- Alien Radio


Alien Radio is a Psychedelic Trance project by Sam E, Bangalore, India. His love for music began at the age of 5 when he started learning drums and percussion. Later on, he was introduced to a Roland TB-303 and an Akai MPC 60- II by a relative and immediately fell in love with the electronic sounds that came out of those two machines. Though he started his musical journey as a drummer, he was curious about electronic sounds that sounded out of the world and wanted to explore the electronic music domain.After playing for a few bands, in the year 2001, he started experimenting with electronic sounds under the project D.O.P.E. Sam E was introduced to the hypnotic and pounding Psychedelic Trance music by a friend and he instantly fell in love with the genre. After spending a lot of time being at raves and listening to numerous hours of psytrance music spun out by leading psytrance producers and DJs of the time, he set out to explore this realm on his own and that lead to the project Alien Radio.Alien Radio's music contains heavy kicks, pounding basslines and percussive synths that function as a platter on which East Indian influenced melodies, some spaced out synth layers and enchanting atmospheres are all served on.