- Alfredo Ávila


19 Years old, House music DJ and producer.His part of the national house music unity on his country "Mexican House Unity" and the collective of his hometown "House4U".Alfredo Ávila Buenfil aka Alfredo Ávila is a DJ/Producer born in Merida, Mexico. He begins at the age of 16 building rhythms with drum machines as a hobby by the influence of electronic music in the downtempo style, at age of 17 he starts to study and link more with the production to be able to take more concrete works, at the same age Alfredo begins to give striking DJ sets with house and disco, influenced by Kerri Chandler and other artists of the 90's House and Deep House, at the age of 18 he started performing at nightclubs in his city becoming one of the youngest people in the underground music scene to carry the vibes of the classic house, now he has presented DJ sets in different parts of Mexico, becoming at the age of 19 resident of the club on his city named 20doce and one of the best producers of deep house in the southeast of Mexico.