- Alex TB


Alex T B got contact with electronic music at an early age. Asa child, his father, who at that time was also a DJ, used tobring cassettes with songs and house sessions.In 1996 he began playing at underground parties from theSao Paulo scene. Four years later this young Brazilianstarts to unleash his imagination to produce his first beats.In 2007 he released his first vinyl in the label of Viperxxl"around the World" , which will become a producer with abright future , solid productions and with that influences fromthe past.Alex T B has performed in :Montagood Festival(spain)Apokalypsa Festival (Czech Rep)Ruhr in Love Festival (germany)Summer of Love Festival(czech rep.)Stay Up Festival (italy)Nature One Festival :Criminal Camp (germany)Florida 135 (spain)Club Z oreks (spain)Blau Club (spain)Code@Fabrik (spain)Urban Beats (portugal)Bang the Box (portugal)Metro Klub (slovakia)Ngoht (hungary)Nightgen(Malta)Hardstation (italy)Massacrate (Slovenia)Tekktribe Bday@Fusion Club (germany)Technopride Party (Colombia)Technomachines (venezuela)Lov.e Club (brazil)Technopride (brazil)Fuel x Descontrol Techno (brazil)Eletronik Space (brazil)Clash Club (brazil)Aloca(brazil)Kraft Club (brazil)Techneura(Brazil)and many more!!