- Alex Shinkareff


It’s different every time. I can do something in the yard of my house and in the next breath drop it all and run to my computer like mad because I’ve been struck with inspiration. I can record music for 5 minutes, or for many hours without stopping. I remember once sitting for about 10 hours in a row at creating a composition, taking breaks only for hot tea. In general, there are very many factors that can influence it.As far back in 2010 I settled on creating Techno and Minimal music, but stepped outside those bounds soon. Now I write various music that can consist of many genres, depending on the emotions invested into it:Techno / Minimal / Future Garage / Experimental / Ambient / Deep / Broken Beat / Breaks and many others.As to what music I prefer listening to, then you’ll probably be surprised, but on my playlist you can find both Oliver Huntemann’s deep labyrinths of sound; the old-school hip-hop of the little-known People Without Shoes; and also Wolfgang Mozart’s unmatched magic, and the miracles of IDM from Aphex Twin.There’s no specific genre, it all depends on the mood, the place and my thoughts.My plans include expanding the circle of my listeners, so that as many people as possible would feel the things I’ve transformed into music for them.