- Alex Sandoval


Based in New York City DJ and Producer Alex Sandovalstarted his career from scratch at a very early age (He was12) when coincidentally he found an old radio transmitter upat his home's attic in his native Colombia. The idea of doingsomething with that transmitter was getting biggerthroughout the days, the love for music pushed him forwardand with a very little equipment, an antenna he got borrowedfrom a friend, Alex have built a radio station with abroadcast signal of about 30 blocks ratio. Alex and his DJfriends taking this for fun, began to play live sets on theradio not only making himself popular around theneighborhood but also letting enjoy and discover unknownrhythms and music to others.After a quite of time he decided to move up to New York Citywhere he slightly step aside from the electronic scenegetting more into his Latin essence, playing randomly atsalsa clubs for a period of time but never forgetting his realpassion for house music. In 2009 Alex got back on track bygoing to school to get his electronic music productiondegree which allows him now to make his own music. At thepresent he is very focus on music production and lots ofnew projects.