- Alex Ocampo


In any place between the Tribal Drums and Hypnotic Progressive House is Alex Ocampo, his sound goes from the Dark to Sexy and from Crude to Dynamic, He is a part of the new wave of Colombian artist, including people like Zur- Face and Da Groovemakers, who work in order to position electronic music in the future. His creations and remixes have captivated names as Luca Ricci, Jaimy and Dj Boris among others, His tracks and remixes feature on the catalogues of labels such as Nervous, Adjust (UK), Bellarine (AU), Da Sound (BR) y Slanted Black (UK) to name a few. Aside of his partner and friend Leoesco (Aka Dj Leo) He runs Klam Records, label created to support the emergent talent of new artist and merging them with recognized artist from the industry in order to create and original and incredible product. He has placed on mithical clubs like Teatrino (Bogota Col), Honey Space (Panama) and great festivals like U4 Love and Heat (Cartagena Col)