- Alex Mas


Alejandro Mas aka Alex Mas is a young dj, remixer and music producer originally from Gandia, a seaside village near Valencia in Spain. From a young age Alex has always been immersed in the world of music, devoting many hours to listen different styles and playing various instruments, was developing his concept of music. In the late 90s, attracted by the electronic sounds and the possibility of mixing, decided to go further and buy his first turntables and a handful of vinyl. After having improved his ability to mixed and his premise for quality music Alex has been acting for several years in some of the most important clubs on the electronic national scene, trying to show their vision of music combining the essence of house, techno warmth and his personal touch deep. In 2005 it began to be interested for the world of the musical production and since then it has not stopped learning, working and improving every day being supported by great artists. Nowadays is trying to write his histories, ideas and musical feelings in new songs and sounds experimental. OUR music OUR vision. Soon