- Alex FX


Alex Fernandes is a Porto born and raised musician, producer, DJ and multi- instrumentalist who has been connected to the electronic music scene for more than 30 years now, twenty of those being directly associated to his most well known and versatile alter-ego: Alex FX.He has just released his brand new concept album “ECHOMENTAL /1”, which features vocal performances by Rhianna Faye and the iconic Bauhaus bass player David J Haskins, and has been receiving the greatest feedback from the musical press and people like Laurent Garnier or the ex-Depeche Mode mastermind Alan Wilder, who wrote the liner notes to this album.Alex is also performing some very special multimedia live sets called “ECHOMENTAL Live Experience AV” to promote this album, including a series of mostly black and white films to illustrate each piece played live. A real mindblender 90 minute excursion for anyone who has already witnessed it. Some sort of glorious trip from the darkest side of techno to the sparkling glimpses of breakbeats and textures. There’s really nothing which it can be compared to.www.facebook.com/alexfx.pt www.echomental.com www.soundcloud.com/alexfx www.soundcloud.com/echomental