- Alex Figeroa


Alex Figéroa was born on November 11, 1982 in Rotterdam.At an early age Alex he was committed to music. Through his Colombian roots alex was blessed with a royal feeling for rhythm!when he was 12 Alex was already started distributing cassette mix-tapes to all his friends.and at 16 his parents gave him a Turntable set..After he had tried many other jobs, and even for a while a successful career as a model, he was sure. mixing and producing music was and is his only real passion! Because Alex's takes his passion very seriously, and respects the profession of mixing on itself, he went to school to learn the tricks of the trade.At some point, Alex was looking for a new challenge. He wanted not only to play music of others. He decided to produce his own music!Something with his Colombian musical rhythm came in handy. T here, too, he decided to follow a training in logic...Once in the studio, there was no stopping him. One after the other song was born.Alex his wildest dreams became reality, all he could think musically, he could now realize.Not quite convinced of his own abilities, he went to friends and people with his homemade songs. To his surprise, everyone was very positive. This was the helping hand that Alex needed, to continue producing.With the result that there is now going to be 3 number EP distributed by Forrarimusic.com, a record company in Sweden and a next release will be in march 2014!At this time,Alex is trying to do the marketing on the same level as his music.And he is ready to conquer the world!