- Alex Fiction


Alex Fiction is a Berlin based producer, Dj and founder of Monkeeplatez:.Here are some interesting facts on the background of this gifted start-up artist and entrepreneur:As early as Alex Fiction can remember, he was vibing to music and playing all kinds of instruments on his own as well. Fiction started learning to play the harmonica ("The thing with the keys that you can blow in!") back in his kindergarden years to the time he had been chewing on it until it was broke.So Alex got himself a guitar and developed his musical skills. In his early teenage years the fiction played rhythm guitar and yelled with a crossover band in his home town. With 16 alex fiction wrote his first rap lyrics after having been freestyling for two years. from then on he became fond of the Hip Hop culture and it is still a big part of his life. Whether it was beatmaking, rapping, or graffiti writing, you name it, he did it all.His first attempts in electronic music was 2001 at Loveparade, Fuison & many other festival around. Inspied by the festivals, nature and the magic of music to connect people Alex Fiction started doing electronic music all over again. Mostly together with one of his closest friends Jakob Faber untill today.His Style of music included deephouse, techhouse und techno.