- Alex Efe


Alex Efe (aka Ethnic) began his connection with music starts at a young age influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Camouflage, OMD, among others. , And that led to internalize the dance genre.With over 10 years of experience, ventured into Montevideana dance scene, playing in various clubs cutting edge at the time with the pseudonym ETHNIC.Since 2005, it begins to appear as ALEX EFE, although residing in the same year with Federico Guist, hence over his career has led him to participate in various international radio stations and major environmental events as OPEN PARK (2008 - 2009), URBAN FM, nerd RADIO, LOVE, KEY, RADIO COOLMUSIC (Es), CREATIVE RADIO (Arg), LIGHTWAVE, Belavita HEAD DESIGN ANNIVERSARY, SOHO (PTA EAST), Deepgroove RADIO (Uk), FITZ THE BAR (BS.AS-Arg.) , among others.Since 2011 a resident in THE SHANNON IRISH PUB & Clubbing - LIGHTWAVE RADIO (Gr), also present their first EP, together with Paul VALDEZ (Paul VM), Uruguayan seal dare SURBEATS RECORDS.