- Alessxander


Alexander Valdivia Known As AlessXander and AcxielWaves (His second childhood musical project) He was born in 1990. Alessxander is a young DJ and producer who began his musical taste at 90s, listening to music from the 80s, and 90s dance music; he loves synthesizers and electronic music so much, that despite his young age, he began learning piano using an old synthesizer that he found in an old appliance store. By the pass of the years and entering the fascinating world of electronic music at age 14, Alessxander begins to produce his first musical creations with 2 software that a producer british friend gave him producer (Fl Studio and Pro Tools) since then, he dedicated his life to music production. At age 16 he started playing in several independent/underground parties where he got a lot of experience and a good grasp of public acceptance wings attending parties, and also created his first discs over at his home studio: Candy House Records. At age 18 years he pursuits his career journey as AlessXander, playing at several clubs in Honduras and nearby countries, productions become more club with stronger genres: techno, tech house and deep house music and his actual sound is defined as a “Happy Caribbean with a bunch of groove but also dark, bizarre and minimalist, with a colorful scheme and fluorescent bubbles”, that’s why his live shows can take you from the tropical groove into the dark/strong minimal techno feeling. His first release as DJ and producer was with the label Four Peas Recordings, from Miami, Florida. Alessxander is currently working on his projects with the following labels: Click Muziq Recordings (Argentina),Taux Music (Colombia), Unseen Records (Colombia) Bugs N' Stuff Records (Argentina),Fruit Records (ROMA ITALY) Vecto Records 2.0 (Colombia) Alessxander has a promising future in the world of electronic music so you gotta expect much more from him.