- Alessandro Giordano


Alessandro Giordano class 1991. From the youngest age he has found a strong passion for house music, meanwhile he grew up in Italy thanks to Neapolitan Love Angels party. He then increases the desire for new experiences and becomes part of the family of international talent as PR, events featuring artists like Adam Bayer, Cries Liebing, Dave Clarke, Joseph Capriati and many others, so the passion for a new concept where techno music was little known in Italy is growing. Then he began to do his first experiences in the study of his uncle began to create his first sounds. In the later years he began playing at various venues in Caserta, then joins the various clubs in Naples, thanks to his ability to mix and match discs. . After a short period of time in the world of the various Neapolitan Metropolis clubs, such as the Madras Ex Barcode, and in the city's historic center where he performs in various Parthenon clubs. Subsequently Begin to have its firstCollaborations with international artists such as Gary Beck, Uto Karem, Advent, Dj Murfhy, Träumer, Kvitta FRANK, Black Asteroid, Cleric, Bass Mooy and many others where he performs throughout Italy. Now he works with several record labels such as CARIPLA RECORDS, SEQTOR, MOONKLIFT RECORDS, BIG AREA RECORDS, BIOSPHERE RECORDS, LW RECORDINGS, and many more. At age 24, taking care of her work that has always been distinguished from the crowd. In 2016, ANARCHY RECORDS funds a digital label.