- Alesankodj


Mazzetti Alessandro Alias Alesankodj, is an Italian djProducer/Remixer born in San Vito Al Tagliamento(Pordenone) Italy in 04/07/1969, he produced his first tracksin 1998, but he started officially his Music ProductionProfessional carreer in 2009, producing some goodcommercial tracks like 'My Friend Obama' a great ElectroHouse track, and 'Secret Door' a phisical CD cointaing thecommercial track'Secret Door' anyway he was influenced by 90's DanceMusic, and hystorical period about House and TechnoMusic.So working everyday many hours in his Studio, he is alwaysproducing new tracks, trying to create his own new MagicSounds, Rythms and Vocals, and his open mind, permit himto produce 360° Music style tracks, his main genres isHouse/Techno/Trance/Deep House, also he his alwayslooking for someImportants International Labels who want to releas some ofhis many productions, and he is always looking for somenew possibles collaborations.Also he is a good remixer, and he remixed some famoustracks, and he is ever Ready to remix every original tracks, ifvarious Labels or Artists need some good remixes.Alesankodj's mission is to leave his indelible countersign inthis music World, and working seriously, patiently andprofessionally he produced more than 400 tracks, andvarious remixes, so this music Worldhave to take care of an Artist like Alesankodj, everybody canlisten some of his good productions everywhere.