- Alen Voss


Project Alen Voss starts as idea for making trance music because of love, passion and loyalty for music and because of that Alen decided to make his own project and spread that creation to world.Alen J. aka. Alen Voss born 26th Jun 1998 has loyalty to music since he was still in school and because of technological growth wich 21st century had delivered, step by step he gets his own equipment for making music. Inspiration for making trance music for him was golden trance age because he was surounded as kid with that sounds wich was making artist from the beginning of that age to the present moment. Trance music production for him started by the end of 2018 because he also lead more music genre projects and he also needed to finish his skills to make that kind of music and he perfectly find him self in trance music. "That journey can't be replaced with anything" as he said and that journey is leading him to best self expression and also music expression, the positive one, the real one, the emotive one, the legendary one and most important the timeless one.That feeling is like bigger dimension for him and he don't wan't to fill that dimension with negative attitude and approach.