- Alem Sanchez


ALEM SANCHEZ Dj and producer• It is the stage name of German producer of Spanish origin,Manuel Sanchez duarte.Instruido in music at age 10 took hisfirst steps in music bands, to continue as a guitarist in alocal rock band.• After several years, opts for electronic music, as it givesyou the opportunity to express their potencial.Su firstrelease was the compilation format "Mix Session" "DJ` SFACT ORY: NEW GENERAT ION DJ `S" with Javier Ussia.participated alongside several renowned DJs and producerssuch as Angel Sanchez, monica x, txus Garcia, FernandoBallesteros, jesus elices, toni loarces (mqmdance) launchedfour themes to currently o market in 2012.• More than 20 tracks with the digital stamp with JavierUssia Woxtermusic• With the seal (Work On music label) based in Barcelona,and with the help of kako deejay (label manager)www.onworkmusic.com• LOCA FM 1995 contest• competition organized by Spinnin Records FACEBOOKpeaking at No. 50 ranking INT ERNAT IONALWhich are:• schöne Eine Nacht (a beautiful night) House on workmusic (Barcelona)• Sonnenlicht (sunlight) on work Dubstep music (barcelona)• House bird (bird house) House on work music (Barcelona)• Finally (finally) work on Deep House music (Barcelona)Recent releases of the year and first• I need You Progresive House White Island Recordings(Barcelona)And last works• Take a ride ion progressive trance recordings Madrid• Take me White Island Recordings progressive house(Barcelona)