- Ale Kis


Alejandro Kis Saulovecki was born in 1987 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an early age he felt a strong attraction towards rhythms in music and started hitting anything that could produce a sound.In spite his genetic past was unrelated to music, he acquired his first 3-piece drum set at age 10 and began to experiment.Passionate of rhythmic melodies, he began his journey into electronic music 7 years ago by producing and performing at different parties such as Glück, Studio 33 and ARJAUS NIGHT.In 2008 he studied at Tecson, a production and post- production school in Argentina. In addition he took production classes with Londonground AKA Gabriel Gorostidi and the renowned DJ/Producer Mariano Trocca (certified by Ableton) at Arjaus School. To further improve his knowledge Alejandro attended composition classes in the same school with Pablo Ambar and he edited his firsts projects on labels such as Dubstore Records, NightChild Records and In4mation.