- Alberto Tagliaferri


Began his musical journey from very young in the early 80 's, when the music underground, house and deep house. Began to feel a great attraction for music and buy the first vinyls at the age of 9 years. Now had the opportunity to compare with the most famous Dj's of the period. He was soon recognised great natural gifts in the art of mixing, for its peculiarity of searching for sounds in music choice in line with the trends of those years. It was immediately contested by the best Sardinian organizations, playing in club's most renowned of Sardinia, and then continue his career also in the rest of Italy. It was one of the rst artists to incorporate in his Dj sets and live performances with external analog machines. Over the years is considered a dj house lover, comes with the house without ever changing lifestyle and continues until today, after more than 20 years with pride, to follow his line of house music, adapting to various situations ranging from the choice of low, rhythmic broken more bits or more straight, never result in the rhythm of techno, always keeping the soul/chiled, with almost constant presence of sounds or samples pitch shift. Finally opens her label switching in today's market of both personal and musical productions of other artists of the same vein.