- Alberto Brichuk


Alberto Brichuk born in Argentina in 1981, interested in the sounds unconventional and electronic and inspired by other DJs Argentines, began his career as Dj in 1996.Their concern leads beyond and in 1999 begins to produce their own sound, - "always inspired by the life of every day, combining these surrounding sounds, new sounds seeking the originality, a beat hypnotic adding with a vibration deep, with sounds cut in base both old and new projects, sounds of the environment, voices very worked, a sound particularly as soiled, completely underground, pointing to the dance floor, at any time and place". All this trip has led it to sign with Stamps as: DLA Records, Bit Records Mexico, Xela Digital. Its live performance, is defined as a trip to the sounds experiencing through the Experimental, Minimal, Tech, with textures of Acid and until the Electro. Combining their productions with new projects and tracks of the best relating to each style.