- Alan Wilson


Having been exposed to underground dance since the mid 1990's and numerous visits to London's underground nightspots has provided me with a blueprint for what I am striving to achieve today. amongst many "urban hero's to shape my outlook and philosophy of true electronic music."Having been witness to some of the greatest DJ's on earth I have developed my own unique and distinctive style. Tacking in pure house, Techno, electro,Acid,breaks & beats sounds, and placing an emphasis on more,hypntic Tec Detroit/Chicago grooves that rock dance floors today. Seamlessly layering rhythms and sounds my DJ sets never lose track of the party's need - to ROCK! The last couple of years Iv slowly increased my profile,performing alongside such liminaries as Slam, Dj Bone,Tod Bodine. As well as maintaining residency spots in Leeds, I always want to maintain my influences and learn for others.