- Aladdim


"ALADDIM" was born in 2010, made up of Wander C. Neto. Currently, "ALADDIM" has several releases on renowned labels like Mosaico Records, Zero Gravity Records, Synergetic Records, Planet B.E.N. Records, Natural Evolution Records, Plusquam Records and more...Since 2010, “Aladdim” already presented in the most respected events in Brazil.Prepare Up for a NEW and unique dance experience! The magic sounds of “Aladdim”!Wander also participate in side projects like:“DUAL LOGIC”This is your first project, born in 2007 making "Full-on" style with "Psychedelic" spices. www.soundcloud.com/duallogic"FACTOR"Born in 2009 after an extensive revision of concepts, being the same facing the "Progressive-Trance" style. www.soundcloud.com/factorlive" SAULA"Born in 2010, mixing bass lines of Psy-Trance, Full-On and Minimal-Tech with Slow Beats. Their psychedelic style is absolutely unique, diversified with fantastic effects and harmonies incredibly soft. www.soundcloud.com/saulamusic.