- Al Fonniyas


I started in the EDM world during his high school graduation in 2013 ago. Starting from the music of a DJ from Los Angles that Reid Stefan. I became admired his music, finally began to think of making music like Electro House or Progressive House. Then today I found a software called “FL Studio” and there I learned the music world today. My biggest inspiration is R3hab, Julian Calor & Reid Stefan. I have remixed tracks from Al Chehab titled “Camouflage”, and so I upload it to Soundcloud, I am very happy to get a positive response, especially from Iqbal who has a song. In 2014 I was issued a new single titled “Make Noise” and more happy this song collaborated with Al Chehab with a great kick. Still in 2014 I and friends build next gen record label named “Qurve Recordings”, with Electro & Progressive genre and if you are interested in joining our label you can visit www.qurverecordings.com or send to e-mail (demo@qurverecords. com).