With a vibrant & colorful style and an innovative approach to pure Electro- entertainment that’s genuinely exciting & fresh – AL&ROY expertly combines dynamic aural textures & stunningly vivid sounds from analog synths into highly memorable experiences in music designed for all to enjoy.From their home-base in Tel Aviv, Israel, this talented duo of producers consistently push the limits of their own creativity in effort to explore the endless potential & powerful melodies that exist in Techno music. Officially formed in 2016, they’ve spent the past two years refining their style and tweaking every frequency in search of the most incredible sounds they could offer to listeners all over the globe.Their hard work and dedication to complete audio-excellence was entirely worth it. AL&ROY have taken the time to develop a unique sound & identifiable style they can truly call their own – and they’re ready to share it with the world. Releasing their debut record, the Monocycle EP in March of 2018, AL&ROY are stepping out of the shadows & into the light...and they’re bringing every bit of their Electro A-game.