- Aj Montes


Aj Montes, of southern Spain artist and dedicated professional dj for fifteen years. His admiration for the electronics from an early age makes a present day framing in his sets all the concepts that offers electronics collecting them into techno and techno- house style in which he develops all his imagination, in his sets as in his role as producer.Its beginnings originate, like other artists of her generation, under the underground rave movement, moving on to join Union Records. The work in this production, led him to play at clubs and festivals throughout Andalucia and even abroad, such as Portugal, Colombia etc ... Participation in these festivals, has led him to share the booth with the likes of Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Oscar Mulero, Marco carola, Pascal feos, Axel Karakasis Gaetano Parisio, Westbam, Orbital, Mistres barbara, Plump DJs, plus a long list .... He is currently working as manager of digital label Ritmikal tech, well-known imprint of the seal ritmikal records, with his friend Juanmy. R which helped him a lot in his role as producer.Below, we quote some clubs and festivals where it has acted: Rooms:Industrial copera, pomegranate Malibu, Almeria Soho sound pavilion, Seville Caracho disk, Antequera Bauhaus, SevilleTransition, Huelva The Rock, Jaen Retro Room idem, Cordoba Seven, Bogota Spell, Armenia Delano, Ibiza .......... Festivals:Live Dance Festival, Almeria Carl Cox festival, Malaga Satisfaxion festival 8 & 10, Andalucia Seville Fair Festival, 02,03,04,05, Seville Columbian festival, Huelva Hot shot festival, Almeria Beach festival, Portugal