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Take an old school DJ and a new school producer from birmingham UK. They are both @.it. Danny Technici the older of the 2 brings experience of DJ'ing for many years in as many countries, with all the top names working in the studio with the likes of Jeremy Sylvester who was signed to 'Azuli Records' and 'Fat n Round Records'Pip Cunningham the younger but no less talented new style producer for the last 5 years has been working with music partner 'Gene Kavanagh' who go by the name ChalknCheese. Through out the winter months this year you could have found the 2 writing, producing and preparing for the summer. This season Pip will be in Ibiza producing and promoting the latest material.@.it's style is big room progressive house with large synths but the 2 are versatile in that they can produce a large variety of quality dance music!!Signings To Lukes Club, Suka Records, Kidology London For Bookings ContactPip074 29369782OrDaniel077094 86023or email Pippiciez@hotmail.comOrDannyT e c hnic i@yaho o .c o .uk