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AGENT ! Dj & ProducerGerman based Dj from BerlinCOCOON / DESOLAT / MOON HARBOUR / KLINGKLONG / BRISE / HÖHENREGLER / SUARA / SOULBOXand more...GENERELL : http://www.cocoon.net/artists/agent FACEBOOK PAGE http://www.facebook.com/agentmusic VIDEOS : http://www.youtube.com/1djagentorange MIXES/DJ-SETS : http://www.soundcloud.com/agent BEATPORT : http://www.beatport.com/artist/agent!/103451Agent! made a long way as club-dj, he is every weekend booked out andplayed almost every venue in germany. in this way he earned a lot ofrespect in the undergroundscene.nowadays he is very-well- known for hisextraordinary dj-skills, even the great ones give him compliments forhis mixing, set-up, special techniques and surprises and stuff likethis.What to say organic matter and groovy sounds, worked into aminimal labyrinth with very much love for the details. He..s themedicine man on your spiritual trip into the deepness of this sound.also he is a guy for long hours sets into the daylight, you canbe sure that he can..t go under !Played in clubs like worldfamousCOCOONCLUB frankfurt, FABRIC london, WOMB tokyo He is regularly booked for the big raves like LOVEPARADE, NAT URE ONE, RUHR in LOVE and a lot of other ones abroad , too.With his close friend sebbo (desolat ) he started the label SOULBOXRECORDS in 2009 - www.soulboxrecords.de.2010 just started and Agent! made his 1st Japan-Tour, he played atlegendary fabric -london and got a residency on ibiza at Whatizhouse!? - www.whatizhouse.com.2013-06-04 01:16:09 info@dj-agent-orange.de AGENT!In 2011 there are new releases on Desolat , Brise , Suara , Höhenregler , Movida and more.appearance at Off-Sonar, Nature One Festival, Ibiza, Brazil ,JAPAN Tour, Mallorca, Portugal, London, Italy , Tunesia and more2012 started with a feature of the desolat release on the FABRIC62 mixed by DJ SNEAK ,a Remix for ANNE CLARK,"work it" , released by MOON HARBOUR he hits at BEATPORT #3 techhouseand his single on COCOON REC titled "Dopeman" smashed worldwide all charts and clubs.shortly after there was the release of Danito & Agent! again on COCOON REC, the track is called "raw symphony" and its like the name ..