- Adri Rizzo


To speak of Adri Rizzo is to speak of one's identity. 
His great passion for the music of the 80s make him stand out for his more “Funk” character, where his carefree and minimalist mixes generate an impressive energy on the track. Born in 1986, Elche (Alicante), where as a child he was captivated by the soundtracks of his favorite video games, which awoke in that curiosity, which little by little made him listen and collect old records and cassettes, until he reached Acquire your rst dishes and add your rst mixes back in 2005. It is in 2008 when it is ooded by the digital era, where technology, together with its constant attitude of sound exploration, opens up a range of possibilities that is clearly shown in the creativity and dynamics of its productions and live sets. 2010 is a key year, he decides to join “Simetrica”, a group where, together with his teammates Banon, D ́Long and Yerai Gómez, they travel through the most important rooms and festivals in the area. 
In 2013 he became part of the “KONZEP7 CLUB” DJ team (Alicante), where for more than 4 years, he has been offering a truly demanding musical bet week after week, And it is in 2017 when he joins the team of “KATAMARAN CLUB” (Alicante), where in a short time, thanks to their programming, they positioned the club within the electronic scene as one of the most leading places in the Levant. Nowadays, their sets have strolled through an extensive list of halls and clubs, both in the Levante area, or in national territory, such as Madrid, Valencia, Albacete ..., or even outside the country, such as London (UK ), getting to share a booth with artists such as Apparat, Popof, Dj Fronter, Ken Ishii, Daniel Stefanik, John Talabot, Sutja Gutierrez and an endless list.