- Adonis Childs


Adonis Childs aka Free the sheep from the True Family Unit. Has been working the Mid-West underground scene in Chicago IL USA. His unique style with the events he does has deemed him the name "Prince of the underground'.Adonis has locked down his music for many years making it a must come to hear it. The warehouse and loft events of TRUE FAMILY UNIT. He started out in the 90s rave movement doing LIVE PA sets. Later going with the easier road playing wax.When it was accessible for him to play more of his tracks on CDJs. The movement was a clear step for distinguishing his sound from other dj's around the way. Adonis wishes he had put music out back in the 90's like most had done , looking back on it now.His music is a clear gateway into this Chicago Underground artist soul. Free the sheep is his alias for his art work. Adonis feels he cant be locked in a box with music styles. He has so many different life experiences that can't be contained in to one genre. So his mission has been to open the closed mind of those who can't go deep to find tracks that have meaning.Music should come from the soul ,Some are doing it to get there next rent check having little care for meaning .they become a monkey act for the sheep or maybe they were a sheep that saw opportunity as a herder. Playing whatever the sheep are used to hearing.becoming a COPY OF A COPY of a copy type !!! We all know these people.Adonis said ,"he has a heart of gold " but a bit of a music snob! look out for his video work ,photos and of course music.