ADIN has been making and playing music for years, but now his story starts another chapter. With a new alias born, his enduring love and passion for the sounds of the underground are brought to life, ADIN has finally returned to his roots. With an infectious devotion to house and techno, his creative side has found its calling.ADIN’s compelling life story has impacted his music in an inspiring way. Through light and dark, he has always made his endless love for music known to the world. ADIN’s dedication to his craft is as compelling as his incredible life story. From fleeing war to touring the world, his inspiring past is what fuels his future. As the newest chapter for ADIN unfolds, we can only imagine where he might take it.Focusing on the spectrum between techno and deep-house ADIN also founded his own record label Adin Records along the way and produced a string of records, all lengthy, deep, funky, melodic and most of all as close to his musical heart as possible.Online: www.Facebook.com/adinrecords www.soundcloud.com/adinrecords www.mixcloud.com/adinrecords www.twitter.com/adinrecords www.snapchat.com/adinrecords www.instagram.com/adinrecords